Inasmuch as you did it for the least of these, you did it for me.



The Hands Of Inasmuch

For over a year, on Friday mornings, a dedicated group of budding artists have met at Inasmuch to learn the traditional skills of making art wire jewelry. The program began with funds granted by The Arts Council of Fayetteville Cumberland County. The instructor, Lisbeth Marín, is assisted by qualified volunteer from the United Steel Workers Union local 959 as well as local artisans. The goal of this vocational training program: is to develop a portable income source. Some of our homeless or struggling family naturally gravitate towards handcrafting rather than traditional employment. photo 6

 Student profiles include: 

  • Former Electrician with fine motor skills who is in recovery from alcoholism. He is making beautiful rings, unique jewelry and Trees of Life.
  • Single mom of 3, raising a high school aged daughter making straight A’s! Her goal is to cultivate an income source that breaks her free of the low income label. She creates gorgeous earrings, necklaces and focal pieces reflecting her sense of style.

  • Creative Outdoorsman who collects & transforms rocks and minerals found in Fayetteville’s historic downtown creeks, streams and wooded areas. He’s created unique gem trees, jewelry and one of a kind focal pieces reflecting his love of nature.

  • A disabled American Veteran confined to a wheelchair who is discovering a talent he never knew he had.  In learning this new trade, his artistic perspective has emerged.  The one of a kind jewelry and wearable art pieces he creates, reflect the strength in his hands.

Ongoing enrollment & weekly auditions welcome new students to join this group.
You Are Invited To Shop
at Our Christmas Show!

Friday, December 12
From 10:00am – 2:00pm

You will be able to view the artists at work
& purchase items from their handcrafted product line!






Beautiful Generosity

NCBCAThe faithful members of the North Carolina State Beauticians & Cosmetologists Association, New Generation Chapter-18, are regular volunteers at Operation Inasmuch! Their service helps our homeless family to reclaim ‘their pretty’ as they seek employment.
Perhaps you are a member of a group that would like to get involved in restoring the homeless to a greater state of employability and self-esteem?
Call our Volunteer coordinator Rosa Gooding at 910.433.2161 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Junior League Grant


$50,000 GRANT!!

Melissa Reid 2013-14 President & Sondra Goubile CRPD Chair presented the check to Sue Byrd, Executive Director on May 13, 2014.  The Junior League’s funds have been earmarked towards the costs of opening our newest Frink Street Residence which features smaller, private bedrooms.

Thank you Junior League for believing that together we can change
lives in Fayetteville.



High School Equivalency




Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to!

We are excited to announce a new High School Equivalency Program (formerly known as GED). Class meet Monday through Thursday from 9-1 in the classroom wing of our ministry center. The FTCC Instructor, Clifford Marshall (4th from L) has already set the tone for an interactive classroom atmosphere. We commend these seven students who have decided to make this vital change in their life and pledge to give them our support and encouragement!


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Elliot Memorial Fund Of St. John's Episcopal Church Awards Grant!

FAOIAM Floors.Before

Dining Room Floor.Before

We are very grateful to have been granted $4,000 towards the cost of our beautiful new Epoxy Floors! 

FAOIAM Floors.After

& After!

Thank you so much for believing in and supporting the mission of Inasmuch!





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